Skala Kefalonia Located on the southern coast of Kefalonia, it is the largest resort on the island ...

About Skala

The picturesque village of Skala is located only 200 meters from our apartments. The commercial center of Skala is only 700 meters away . The commercial center provides you with the opportunity to do many pleasant and unforgettable activities .Some of them are shopping gifts , clothes , cards of  souvenirs , taste traditional food , drink local wine or enjoy some beer by the sea . There is a Bank A .T M also .Furthermore you will find real estate office , tourism office organizing trips to other Ionian Islands nearby ( Ithaca, Leukada, Scorpio, the famous island of Onasis and other ). There are offices of renting cars, motorbikes or bicycles for touring around as well as doctors and information offices of the municipality .Not far beyond from Skala there are other nice and picturesque destinations such as Poros and Kateleios which are a pleasant different landscape .

Every village is full of physical beauty which will be unforgettable !

The beauties of Kefalonia cannot been described , end forgotten .





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